VS Series

Easy operation and precise label dispensing for a great price

Every label size can be dispensed easily using the HS and VS dispenser. The labels can be stamped or cut without any space in between.

You can use any outside shape whether cornered or round. Transparent material can also be dispensed.

VS Vertical dispensing direction

label rolls with top leading print imagefor label rolls with top leading
print image

Peel off the label forward from its upper edge and stick it to the product from the shortest distance possible. Particularly suitable for larger labels as the adhesive side is already directed to the product.


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1 Operation panel
Use the operation panel to select various operating modes. This allows setting the feed supply rate to either “slow” or “fast”. Labels are fed automatically after removal, by pressing a control key or upon an external signal. A counter indicates how many labels have already been removed.

2 Label sensor
For round labels, the sensor will be set to the label’s A apex. You can adjust the pre-dispense height B to between 4 and 18 mm.

3 Label brake
This puts the base material under tension so as to ensure that the labels will be dispensed safely. It can be swivelled away easily when the material is changed.

4 Liner rewinder
Simply insert and clamp the backing tape immediately behind the peel-off edge. It is wound up completely by the strong motor.

5 Roll holder
The label rolls are guided by the stable roll retainer



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