M35 and M35R

Dependable supplies hot-ink rotor printers for date coding, batch numbering and more.  M35 is a compact, uncomplicated coder for building into packing machines.  M35 is a fast, reliable printer which is ideal if the print itself is not required to be of letter-printing quality.

The principle of hot-ink printing is to transfer hot ink from an ink roller to packing film by means of a heated rotating typeholder where the type is alternately in contact with the ink roller and the packing film. When the ink is deposited on the “cold” film, it solidifies immediately.

M35 is available in two models, designed to run clockwise and counter-clockwise respectively and with two different types of controls.

The M35R is a fully mechanised printer driven by the friction of a rubber wheel against the packing film. The typeholder is customised for customer preferences, with the option of printing all the way around the typeholder.

The M35 E is also friction-driven but has a built-in clutch which enables the position of the print to be determined by means of a photo code on the packing film, for instance.

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