Linx CJ400

Offers you a flexible coding and marking solution.

  • It is the lightest CIJ printer on the market, which means you can easily move it to where you need it
  • The colour touch screen has simple prompts to get you coding straight away
  • The Easi-Change® Service Module means you can service it yourself in minutes – no more costly, inconvenient service calls.

 The Linx CJ400 prints up to 3 lines of information, such as text, dates, and logos from 1.8mm – 8.8mm high. Codes can be changed quickly, without lengthy set up procedures.

The optional carton coding message style prints one line, 20mm high, making the Linx CJ400 suitable for both primary and secondary coding where human-readable codes are required.

Need a simpler inkjet coder?

  • The Easi-Change® Service Module can be changed in minutes following step-by-step on-screen instructions
  • On-screen trouble shooting means that you can quickly resolve operating issues yourself – no waiting for service engineers
  • No printhead cleaning for 3 months – less downtime and solvent usage
  • The printhead has an economical 62 micron nozzle which saves up to 40% on ink usage compared to other CIJ printers

Need to move it around?

  • The unique, compact design means that it weights only 13.5kg, complete with fluids, and can easily be carried between production lines. This gives you added flexibility with your coding – move the Linx CJ400 to wherever you need to code
  • Up to 4 different line speed settings and up to 1000 messages can be stored, making it quick and easy to move between lines and set up for coding
  • Optional carton coding message style (20mm high) enables both primary and secondary coding with one printer
  • Power out recovery without the need for printhead cleaning

Need to set it up quickly?

  • Fastest line set-up with just one step
  • The simple colour touch screen includes step-by-step message creation and editing – no complicated manuals or training required
  • On-screen prompts and trouble shooting guides
  • PrintSync® simple automatic message-style selection provides the best print quality at different line speeds
  • Mistake proof refills with SureFill® bottle verification ensures the correct fluid is used every time
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