JetStamp 790/792 and MP Series

The JetStamp 790/792 and MP Series of handheld inkjet printers has a marking and coding solution for everyone. With highly customizable text options, the JetStamp family can print single or multi-line prints with up to 20 characters per line. The MP models of the JetStamp family can also print on nonabsorbent and uneven surfaces, such as curved metal, or plastics, they will even print on glass. Common uses are for, part numbers, lot and expiration dates. The user-friendly LCD display allows you to toggle through up to 10 stored prints, allowing you to effortlessly switch from one fast to the next.

    • Jetstamp 790 – Standard model for paper and cardboard. Battery powered.
    • Jetstamp 791 – MS-Office Integration
    • Jetstamp 792 – In-line Integration and Remote Operation optional. Plug in.
    • Jetstamp 790 MP- For non-porous surfaces. Battery powered.
    • Jetstamp 791MP- MS-Office Intergration
    • Jetstamp 792MP- In-line Integration and Remote Operation optional. Plug in.



    • One and two line imprints
    • Character size 1/8″
    • Up to 20 characters per line
    • Unique self-traversing print head
    • Simple menu guidance through LCD display
    • Able to store up to 10 print images
    • MP models are able to print on non-absorbent surfaces including glass
    • In-line integration options with 791 and 792 models only
    • Weight-1lb
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